my 1st sniff
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#1: my 1st sniff Author: JMastersLocation: Texas PostPosted: Fri Apr 28, 2017 4:51 am
My first sniff was when I was 17. My sister and her friends rented a hotel room to party. I invited 2 of my friends to hang out there. Everyone left to go to the hot tub and it was just me and my friends. She had this one really hot friend that all of my friends were dying to fuck. We saw everyone's clothes laying on one of the beds. We saw the little black dress she was wearing laying there with her panties underneath. One of my friends dared me to put on her clothes. I ran tot he bathroom and took my clothes off to try them on. I knew it was going to be tight. Her panties were very moist when I touched them. I slipped them on and could feel her wetness rub on my cock. I got instantly hard. I put on that damn dress and could hear it stretch and slightly rip. I tucked my cock up and ran out the room real quick. My friends were rolling on the ground. I ran back in the bathroom to get this off of me. I took everything off and thought I should touch it to my lips. Damn I got so horny. I licked it and got my 1st taste of pussy, sweet delicious pussy. I was hooked! I put the clothes back on the bed, all stretched out and we went tot he hot tub. Nothing else was every said. Too bad I could blow my load in them. i thought about that night for a long time and loved when she would come to my house.
I still sniff my wife's panties but she has allowed me to buy panties from girls on the internet. I dont buy them often but do like to chat with the girls that sell them.

-> Panty Stories - 'true', 'fiction' or 'erotica'

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