My Journey To Satin Fetish - Part 1
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#1: My Journey To Satin Fetish - Part 1 Author: SatinPantyStoryEnthusiast PostPosted: Sun Sep 02, 2018 7:43 pm
First memory

I want to preface this with:

My life journey to satin fetish story has nothing illegal in it. Also names have been altered for anonymity. There was no harm done to me in my youth or anything inappropriate to speak of. I am merely sharing my thoughts, memories and writing style and hopefully it is enjoyable to you the readers.

I will post this in several short writings to round out the whole thing, maybe a couple per week. Enjoy, share your thoughts and let me know if you have questions, but especially write me if you want more! FYI, I know this first one is just some back story to build some context. For those looking for more, keep in mind it does get “sexier” when I came into adulthood. So hang in till then if that part is what you’re looking for. Smile

Just to give context, I’m a 27 year old woman, brown hair and eyes. Was always into sports growing up and through college, so I’m in good shape. Yes that is the most detail I will share about my life so don’t ask too much more or I’m liable to plead the fifth! Feel free, I can always say no right? ?

Ok, and so it begins:

Who really remembers everything from when they were in their youth? I’m no different in my recollection. It is difficult to pinpoint the exact first time encountering anything satin related. The most solid memories that come to mind was with my favorite auntie.
I spent a lot of time with her when I got into the 5th grade. She moved back to be closer to her all of us. I know I was excited because she always made me laugh. So after she got herself settled, my mom and dad were super excited because she offered to watch me often. There was no doubt she was the coolest auntie around. I never went without sweets, late night movie fests and general fun things that all kid’s parents limit when at home.

What a classy woman and fun spirited individual. She worked for some kind of pharma company, so she always seemed to have money to burn. We often dressed up like we were going to some kind of fancy party just to head out to dinner.

When we were bumming around her apartment, I know she had a thing for satin cami and short sets. That seemed to be her go-to in general and for our slumber parties. Keep in mind there were epic pillow fights at least to a kid, but mostly junk food eating, movies and random gossip from the mind of a 5th grader.

I never thought anything of it at all of course, and innocently wore her pj sets myself when I’d occasionally forget to pack my own. Of course I was a bean pole with the nick name of twigs. Short and skinny, so they were basically considerably oversized blankets for me. She however was a knockout. Next to my mom of course, I always looked up to her as a hero and as the most beautiful woman in the world. Those were some fun times.

I do recall falling asleep snuggled up in her arms often and enjoying the feel of the fabric against my skin. It was very calming and super cozy.

Not too long after she moved back, she began dating a guy. The male version of her, honestly. So fun and super nice. I remember watching their love grow. It was the sweetest thing how he treated her. He is now my cool uncle, in case you were wondering.

I remember she asked if he could join us on one of our dinner date nights. I whole heartedly agreed! So we all got dressed up like we were headed to the red carpet. I was sitting on couch generally gabbing with him, looking back I don’t know if he actually was interested, but he sure seemed to be, so I loved him.

When my auntie came out of the back room, she was gorgeous! Form fitting royal blue, satin gown that hugged every curve perfectly as it flowed to the floor. It was very classy and snug, covering appropriately. Again looking back, I would now say it was probably very sexy, but then I just thought her so beautiful. It also was like a mermaid towards the bottom as it slightly fanned out. I remember it was quite the sight.

I do have vivid memory of looking at Dave to see his reaction. He looked like he had been shocked or something. His eyes were glued to her in a way that I had never really seen. It definitely made me smile and laugh a bit to see. And he almost didn’t look away from her the whole evening, such care, love and desire he had for her. He truly loves her and it shows in the way they are together. I think between me and him it is a competition for who is her biggest fan. In this case, it’s okay if he wins.

That was how our times went for the most part from then through High school. We spent a great deal of time together, various adventures about town, slumber parties and ice cream. Yes there was a copious amount of ice cold deliciousness consumed. When they got married I knew it was for good. I have to admit feeling very blessed to have been around them growing up, and now know why I am picky in the guys that show me attention. I want what she has!

Let me know what you all think so far. I will queue up part 2 if asked to do so. Thanks and take care!

#2: Re: My Journey To Satin Fetish - Part 1 Author: poth2747Location: ohio PostPosted: Sun Sep 02, 2018 8:37 pm
Loved the story, so what type of panties do you wear and shat size

#3: Re: My Journey To Satin Fetish - Part 1 Author: SatinPantyStoryEnthusiast PostPosted: Sun Sep 02, 2018 10:28 pm
I am a size 4 with boyshort or bikini cut as my favs Smile

#4: Re: My Journey To Satin Fetish - Part 1 Author: poth2747Location: ohio PostPosted: Mon Sep 03, 2018 9:37 am
Bikini and boyshorts with cheeky are my favorites

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