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Different Sisters 2/2
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Panty "BRONZE"

Joined: Mar 17, 2006
Posts: 2

PostPosted: Sun Jun 03, 2007 2:38 pm    Post subject: Different Sisters 2/2 Reply with quote



I didn't go to Stephen's house that afternoon. In fact, I stayed
away from Stephen's for a week. I couldn't stand the thought of
ever facing Stephanie after what she must have seen me do in her
bedroom that day.
The following weekend, as I was out mowing our front lawn, Alex
drove up in her red Plymouth. She was by herself and she blew the
horn and waved me over.
I shut off the mower and walked over to her.
Alex smiled up at me as she said, "What's up, Stud?"
I laughed. "Stud? Me? Have YOU got the wrong person!"
She laughed back, in her devilish way and leaned over to open the
passenger door. "I just got off work," she stated. "Want to go
for a ride?"
What was this? Alex showing an interest in me? Why?
"Sure," I said, getting in and looking at her stockinged legs in
her white uniform. "Where we going?"
"Oh," she said, "we just haven't seen you in a while. Where have
you been hiding yourself?"
Alex jammed the car into gear and we sped off, spewing gravel
behind us.
"Hiding? I haven't been hiding. I've just had some stuff to
Alex didn't say much more as she drove. She did look over at me
and smile a few times. It was that sly smile of hers. The one
that made my dick hard.
I noticed that we were going down Stephen's street now and I
asked her if that was where she was taking me.
"Yeah," she said, grinning, "Stephen's doing some yard work for
one of my mother's friends from work and I have something planned
for you."
"You DO?" I asked as we pulled into the drive.
Alex flashed that sly smile again as she turned off the engine,
opened her door and started to get out of the car. Her legs, in
the white dress, spread almost lewdly as she nodded for me to
follow her.
I got out of the car and walked behind her to the house, watching
her succulent looking ass sway as she walked.
Inside the house, Carrie was sleeping on the livingroom floor
amid a litter of toys.
Alex pointed to the couch. "Sit down, Stud."
I grinned and sat and she sat next to me, turning her body to me
so that I could see her sexy legs and just under the hem of her
white uniform to where the space, between her legs, disappeared in
I looked up at her face. It was a little more serious looking
"My little sister told me that you like to sniff girl's panties.
Is that true?"
I couldn't believe what she just blurted out. Stephanie had TOLD
her. I could feel my face burn hotly in embarrassment.
"I... I... "
Alex put her hand on my knee and I watched her serious looking
face melt into a smile.
"Don't be shy," she said. "I understand what you're going
"I... I..."
"It's just that YOU don't understand a few things." She squeezed
my knee lightly as she spoke. "Now tell me. Did you sniff
Steffie's panties while you lay in her bed and jacked off?"
I nodded and looked down at the floor.
"You've got a thing for her, don't you?" she said as she moved
closer to me on the couch.
I nodded again.
"Is it just her, or would you like to smell the pussy from any
girl's underpants?"
I looked up at her questioning face now. "Oh God, Alex!" My
voice trembled before the older girl. "How can you ASK me these
She put her hand on my shoulder now. "Because I want to know.
Didn't you think jacking yourself off in front of my little sister
would embarrass HER?"
"I didn't know she was there!"
"Yeah but it's still an invasion of her privacy, Andy. You
shouldn't have done it. You were in her bedroom and you jacked
your nasty cum right into her panties. It upset her."
"I'm sorry."
"A girl's privacy means a lot to her and you shouldn't ever
invade it unless she wants you to. Do you understand?"
I looked away, red faced, and nodded again.
"Now," she said. "I have my sense of privacy too but I'm going
to let you invade it right now as a way for you to make up for what
you did to Stephanie."
I looked at her face again. "What do you mean?"
Alex licked her lips and said, "You like looking at my legs,
don't you?"
I swallowed and said, "Yes."
I thought for a moment, wondering what she wanted to hear me say.
"They're sexy looking."
She flashed that devilish smile at me now. "Are they sexy, or
is it what they're connected to, higher up?"
I just looked at her, puzzled.
"Look down at my legs, Andy."
I did.
"See my knees and the hem of my dress?"
I nodded.
She opened her legs a little wider. "Now what do you see?"
My mouth dropped open as I could see up her skirt to the tops of
her nylons. "Ma.. ma.. more legs," I said.
"Can you see my thighs and my garters?" Her knees parted further
for me.
"Move your head down a little so you can see up there," she said
as she splayed her thighs even further apart.
I could really see between her legs now.
"Can you see the crotch of my panties?"
I was trembling now, looking at the, lace trimmed, white strip
between her soft looking thighs. "Yes."
"How does it look to you?"
"Very nice!" I stammered, my voice quaking.
"Does it make your little cock go hard to see that?"
I trembled at her question. "Yes."
"Good," she said. "do you know what's in my panties, Andy?"
I nodded.
"Not good enough," she said. "Tell me what's in my panties,
"Your pussy."
Alex put her hand on my shoulder again. "That's right. My
pussy, Andy. It's hot right now. Do you know what makes my pussy
"Horny little boys like you. Eager, nasty little boys that
really like pussy in a very naughty way." She teasingly shook my
shoulder now. "Do you like pussy in a nasty way, Andy?"
God my cock was hard as a pipe now as I listened to her and
stared up her skirt. "Yes."
"I mean in a REALLY nasty way, Andy! I mean in a way that you
love its smell and its taste and its feel and the way it looks and
the nasty, sexual fluids that collect in it and drip from it. Is
that the way you love it?"
I looked up at her face now. Her eyes were closed as she spoke
and there was a dreamy expression about her as she licked her lips
"Yes," I replied. "I love everything about it."
Alex stood up now, taking my sexy leg show away from me. "Would
you like to taste and smell my pussy, Andy?" she asked, looking
down on me with a wistful expression.
I watched as Alex put her hand up her dress and then worked it
at the area of her crotch. "Do you know what I'm doing?" she asked
"My pussy's wet. I'm making sure that my panty crotch is soaked
with fresh pussy for you, Andy. Then I'm going to take them off
and hand them to you."
I gulped, trying to catch my breath.
Alex reached up her skirt, with both hands now, causing the white
garment to ride up over the tops of her nylons. I could see her
creamy white thighs and the white snaps and straps of her garters
as she put her knees together and pulled her panties slowly down
her curvy legs until they fell to her feet and then she kicked them
off her white, work shoes. As she bent and picked them up she
grinned at me and said, "Do you want them?"
I nodded.
"Do you want to smell them?"
I nodded again.
"Tell me."
"I want to smell your panties, Alex."
She handed them to me. They were still warm with the heat of her
"Do it, Dirty Boy."
I opened the lace trimmed panties and found the white crotch.
It was slightly yellow and slick with her fluids. I put it to my
nose and inhaled the sharp, musty odor of Alex's pussy as she stood
and watched me, with her hands at her softly rounded hips.
"How does it smell?" she asked.
"Its wonderful," I said, my voice muffled in the silky cloth.
"Do you like it? Do you like the way my sex smells to you?"
"Oh yes!"
"Let me see you, Andy. Let me see you rub that pussy spot under
your horny nose. Yeah. That's it. Rub that pussy paste on your
nose and sniff it."
I did as she told me.
"Now Andy," she instructed, "stick your tongue in that slimy goo
my pussy made."
I let her see me as I licked the pasty stain from the crotch of
her lacy underpants.
"How does it taste, Andy? Is it sweet, like the pussy spot in
Stephanie's underpants was?"
I nodded as I licked the tangy-sweet deposit.
"Get it all, Filthy Boy! Stick it in your mouth and suck the sex
juice out of my panties for me. That's the way!"
When I had sucked all the paste out, I stopped licking and
sucking at the crotch of her panties and looked up at her as she
stared down at me.
"All gone?" she smiled and asked.
"Well," she said, "there's lots more where that came from."
I watched her part her sexy legs and bend and put her hand up
the skirt of her white dress again. The way her dress bunched, I
could see the tops of her nylons again and a little of her naked
thighs as she did it. "Do you want to eat the pussy off my
I nodded as I watched her pull her hand out and then move it
slowly toward my face. Her index finger was shiny with moisture
and I opened my mouth for it.
"Not yet," she said. "I want you to smell it first."
She put her warm finger under my nostrils and I deeply sniffed
the pungent scent of her spicy sex.
"That's a dirty boy! That's the way to do it. Smell that?
That's right from my pussy, Stud. Makes you want to fuck me,
doesn't it?"
"Oh YES!"
She rubbed some of her wetness in my nostrils now. "There," she
cooed, "that should keep your cock hard for you all day."
I looked up her arm at her as she slyly grinned back. "Lick it
off now," she ordered. "Lick the pussy from my finger like a nasty
little boy!"
I licked the juice from her dainty finger and then put it in my
mouth and sucked on it hard, feeling her long, painted nail on my
"That's a boy! That's a really nasty fucking thing to do!"
She pulled her finger from my mouth now and then dropped to her
haunches in front of me. Her knees were together and I couldn't
see up her skirt as I stared at her with wide eyes. Her position
made the curves of her thin waist and wider hips so evident and
caused the stiff rod, in my pants, to throb.
"Do you want to see?" she asked, looking down at her knees for
a moment and then back up at me, grinning.
"Tell me then."
"I want to see."
"Tell me what you want me to do, Stud."
"I want you to open your legs so I can see your pussy up your
skirt, Alex."
"Say please."
"Please, Alex!"
Squatting in front of me, she placed her hands on her nylon
covered knees and then slowly parted her legs.
The window was behind me and the sunlight shown up her skirt and
bathed the sight of Alex's white thighs and, slowly revealed, pussy
in warm light.
It was magnificent. Alex had a bush of grey-blond pussy hair and
I could see the pinkness of the wet skin between her lips as I
leaned forward, as if drawn to it.
"How does it look to you?"
"Oh, it's beautiful!"
"Now," she said, "whip it out and show me yours!"
I didn't hesitate. I undid my jeans and lifted my ass from the
couch cushion as I pulled my pants down my legs and then off of me,
along with my canvas shoes. As I settled back down I could see her
staring at my cock which was hard as a pipe and standing straight
up from my loins.
"God, Andy," she gasped, "for a little boy, you've got a really
big cock!"
Even though slightly embarrassed, I smiled at her and she dropped
to her knees and leaned to me, taking my cock in her hands and
staring first at it and then up at me with that wicked smile of
"Has a girl ever sucked this for you, Andy?"
I thought about Sarah, Eddie's little sister. Did she count as
a girl?
"Once," I said.
Alex bit her lower lip as she clutched my stiff dick and saw the
head of it swell. "Did she suck it till the cum came out for you?"
"Did she take your sperm in her mouth and swallow it for you?"
"No. She didn't do that."
"Would you like that? Would you like me to eat your nasty
"Oh man! Yes!"
Alex giggled. It was a wicked sounding little giggle as she
squeezed my receptive cock again and watched a drop of pre-cum
appear out of the opening at the tip.
She quickly put her tongue to the head and broadly licked the
little drop away and then closed her mouth. "Mmmmmmm," she said.
"I know your cum is going to taste so good Andy but I don't think
you'd last a minute in my mouth right now and I've got other plans
for you."
Other plans?
Alex let go of my cock and stood up, tugging the hem of her skirt
down. Then she leaned over and pulled my t-shirt up and off of me,
tossed it on the floor and said, "Come on with me, Stud" as she
took my arm and coaxed me up from the sofa.
I followed her into the hallway and then into Stephanie's
bedroom. It was empty and the bed was unmade as it was the last
time I was in this room.
"This used to be mine and Steffie's room," she said as she guided
me to the bed and sat me down. "We used to sleep together in this
I watched her step away and then turn her back to me, folding her
arms above her head. I almost drooled as I inspected the contours
of her sexy body from behind.
"Unzip me," she said.
I reached up and pulled the zipper of her white uniform down to
the small of her back. I could see her soft looking skin and the
back of her white bra.
Alex turned to me now, holding the front of her dress to her
chest as the shoulders of the garment drooped over her upper arms.
"Do you want me to take this off?"
I nodded.
Alex laughed in that devilish way and then slowly pulled her
dress down her body, revealing her breasts in her bra and then her
flat stomach and indented navel. Then she stopped, holding the
material of her uniform at her lower belly, just above her white
garter belt.
"Place your hands on my sides, Andy."
I leaned forward and did so. Her skin was velvet soft and warm.
"Run your hands up and down my sides now. Slowly. That's it.
Feel the curve of my hips?"
"That's the body of a woman you're feeling, Andy. Do you like
"Oh YES!"
"Okay. Run your hands back up to may waist. Yeah. And now over
my stomach. Now up a little. Yeah. Touch me, Andy. Touch me
slowly and all over."
I traced my hands across her smooth, flat stomach and back to her
thin sides and down the curves of her hips and up her arms and down
her stomach again as I looked at the cleavage of her breasts in her
"Do you want to see those?" she asked me.
"Yes, Alex."
She turned around now. "Unfasten my bra then."
I did, my trembling fingers fumbling with the clasps.
Alex turned back to me, pulling first one arm and then the other
from the white straps at her shoulders and then letting the bra
fall to the floor.
Man! Alex had perfectly formed breasts. They were both firm and
stood straight out from her chest, showing that she didn't need a
bra at all. Her nipples were light brown and stood out from her
areolas. They were flat on the ends and looked oh so suckable!
I licked my lips.
"Do you like them, Andy?"
"Oh YES!"
"Hold them then."
I slowly and gently placed my hands over Alex's firm breasts. It
was like holding the business ends of two, soft torpedoes. I
squeezed them firmly.
She gasped and tilted her head back.
"Ohhh, that's nice," she breathed. "Play with my nipples."
I did as she told me, putting her nipples between my thumbs and
fingers and rolling and squeezing them now.
"Yes, Andy. Pinch them now. Yes. Harder. Ohh yes. Put one
in your mouth."
I bent to her right breast and put her large nipple between my
lips. I could smell the sweetness of her skin as I sucked on the
supple, swelling nubbin.
"Yes, Andy! Suck hard! Nurse on me! Ohh shit! Suck it!"
I felt her take my hand from her side and move it to the inside
of her leg and then up her skirt until I could feel the soft hair
of her crotch on my hand. She pressed my palm firmly to her pussy
and I felt her furry lips part as I sucked her growing nipple
"Finger me, Andy! Fuck me with your finger while you suck my
I worked my finger inside of her wet slit for a moment. It was
so warm and slick between her soft, puffy mons. I felt her body
quake as I rubbed across her swollen clit and then found her
drippy, hot vagina, between her moist, inner lips and rammed my
finger right up into it.
Alex made an animal sound and ground her furry crotch down on my
hand as my finger sank deep into her gooey opening. I felt her
grab my throbbing cock and squeeze it and I moaned as I sucked her
tit harder and worked my finger around inside her silky depths.
"God Andy! Do it! YES! Finger fuck me!"
I rubbed my palm on her clit as my finger worked inside of her
and her hand squeezed my cock tightly.
I took her nipple from my mouth and said, "Alex! It feels so
"Yeah baby!" she said, into my face. Her eyes were glazed over
with lust. "Deeper! Ohhh!"
Alex wrapped her free arm around my neck and pulled my face to
hers, pushing her soft, wet tongue into my mouth and I formed my
lips around hers and sucked and licked her warm tongue as I pumped
my finger in her clutching vagina.
She gasped sweet breath into my face as I deeply kissed her and
I could feel myself about to climax as she began to urgently jack
her soft hand near the sensitive head of my cock.
I pulled my face back and said, "Your going to make me cum!"
Alex stepped back, letting her dress fall to the floor at her
feet. She stood before me, for a moment, and I stared at her
wickedly curvy body, clad only in the dark nylons and the white
garter belt, and at her alluring triangle of grey-blond hair at
the juncture of her thighs.
There was an odd, lustful expression on her face as she looked
down at my loins, dropped to her knees in front of me, and took my
throbbing cock deep into her hot mouth.
She emitted a loud moan of pleasure as I felt her soft tongue
work at my cock trigger and I sensed a thrilling suction as her
lips formed around my shaft. She grasped my balls in one hand and
placed her other hand over the crack between my ass cheeks and
squeezed my butt. Then, as she licked and sucked me in her mouth,
she began to bob her head, fucking my cock with her pretty face.
I reached down and took one of her breasts in each of my hands
and squeezed them as I felt her compelling my cum from me.
"Ahhhh!" I gasped as the first exciting moment of climatic thrill
charged through my body. I stood upright and my ass tensed and my
loins lurched as I felt my cock begin to shoot hot cum into Alex's
eager mouth.
"Ahhh!" I clamped my eyes shut and screamed again.
She didn't miss a beat. She began to suck the sperm from my cock
as she groaned in pleasure with each squirt of ejaculate I fed to
Looking quickly down, I could see my cock in her mouth as I shot
a third time and, further down, I could see her hand working
between her splayed thighs and I knew that she was playing with her
pussy as she sucked the spurting semen from the head of my pulsing
dick. The way she groaned on it, and urgency with which she sucked
out my sperm, let me know that she was making herself cum at the
exact same time.
It was a blazing hot thrill as I continued to climax and emptied
all my sexual fluid into Alex's hot, sucking mouth. I felt her
hand gently squeeze my balls, as I came, and heard the sounds of
her swallowing loudly.
"Mmmmm," she said as I spurt the last dregs of my load of jizz
over her wiggling tongue.
She took my cock from her mouth now and looked up at me with a
flushed, satisfied expression on her face. She smiled and then
slowly stuck her pink tongue out so that I could see that it was
coated with my white, pasty cream. Then she giggled wickedly and
licked her upper row of teeth, making the sperm string between her
teeth and tongue. She closed her eyes and her mouth and she
swallowed and said, "Mmmmmm," licking her lips as she did it.
"God, I love the taste of sex," she added as she took hold of my
hands and pulled herself up.
I took her shapely body in my arms and I hugged her to me,
pressing my still hard cock against her lower belly and garter
belt. I could feel her soft tits against my hairless chest and her
pussy rubbing against my upper thigh as I pressed my cheek to hers.
I could smell the fragrance of feminine sex from her body and I
whispered to her, "Thank you. That was terrific, Alex."
"Yes it was," she whispered back, putting her arms around me and
returning my hug as she kissed my neck and rubbed her warm, nude
body against me for a few moments. Then she left the room and I
heard her light a cigarette.
Alex came back now and looked into my eyes with a serious
expression. "Andy, there's something you should know about my
little sister."
She pushed me back to the bed and sat me down and then she set
her ashtray on the floor and sat next to me so that our naked hips
"Andy," she began, looking not at me but out the bedroom door,
"Steffie probably likes you.... in her own way."
"Yeah?" I said, brightly.
"Well, yeah." She looked down at her knees now. "I told you
that me and my sister used to sleep together in here. That was
until a few years ago when I wanted to get out of this house and
I got married to that asshole."
"Yeah? So?"
"It's kinda hard to explain it to you but I talked it over with
Steph and she wants me to make sure you understand.."
"Understand what?"
"Well..." Alex took a drag on her Winston and blew the smoke out
in a whoosh from her lips. "Steffie's problem is all my fault.
I feel kinda guilty about it."
"All YOUR fault?"
Alex crossed her legs and draped her arms over her lap and then
turned her head to look at me. Her face held a solemn expression
as she said, "Yeah. You see how I am? You see what I did with
I smiled. "I liked it."
"I did too. But what I'm trying to get at is that I've been that
way for years. Since I was thirteen or so. I've always been a
horny little bitch, Andy. My pussy's always burning for some kind
of attention."
"Yeah?" I laughed.
Alex put her fingers over my lips to quiet me. Fingers that were
spiced with the fragrance of sex.
"It's not funny!" she said seriously. "Really! When I was
seventeen and I got married to Chad and he was in that motorcycle
club, all the members balled each other's old ladies all the time."
Alex sighed. "Yeah. Shit! At any of their weekend parties I
had a cock stuffed in one or all of my holes most of the night.
I'd get sore from fucking but all the gang members couldn't believe
how many of them I could fuck and suck off in one night and how
much I loved to do it. By the end of the bash I had sperm from so
many guys up in my ass and dripping out of my pussy. They had a
mattress on the floor (in the corner of the clubhouse) and, when
I finally got up from it, the cum used to run down my legs like I
had a pint of thick milk pouring out of my raw little cunt.
"One time, I bet them all twenty bucks that I could suck off
every guy in the club-- twice! I'm not kidding you! There must
have been twenty of them there that night, including Chad. I was
seventeen then. They didn't think I could do it but I lined them
up and got on my knees and they all took their turns, in front of
me, and came around for their seconds. When I got done, I felt
sick from all the sperm I had swallowed and I went out in the alley
and I actually barfed white puke all over the pavement! I had it
coming out of my nose! All the guys laughed at me as they saw the
condition I was in. They said I was cum drunk but they paid me
the twenty. Then do you know what I did?"
"Went home?"
"No. I lined up all their old ladies and ate out all of their
pussies for them while the guys cheered me on. I even ate out the
ones who were on the rag!"
My mouth dropped open as I realized that she wasn't joking with
"Because I love it. I love sex. Fucking and sucking guys...
girls. I love the feeling when a throbbing cock shoots a stream
of cum against the back of my throat and I know that I made it
happen with my mouth. I love it when a woman's sex juice runs out
of her pussy and into my mouth because I made her climax with my
tongue. I can't get enough of the soft skin on a hard cock or the
slippery feel of a wet clit. The way a cock throbs when it shoots
its jizz and the way a slimy, sweet tasting vagina puckers when a
girl goes off on your tongue."
Alex laughed as she saw my open mouthed expression and took a
puff from her cigarette. "I've had to taper off the sex a lot
since Chad ran away on me. You know why he took off?"
I shook my head.
"He left me because we didn't have any idea who Carrie's father
As she spoke, she pulled a strand of hair from her bangs and
looked up at it. "Neither one of us have curly hair like Carrie
has. How could I know? I had so much sperm, from so many guys,
up in my cunt in those days..." Alex laughed and shook her head
now. "Hell! With Willie and Clayton in the club, it was just a
roll of the dice that Carrie didn't come out half black!"
"Why did he let you do it then?"
"Chad liked it. He liked to see me fuck his friends. It made
him a big man when all the gang members did me. The big honcho
(the fat, old bastard who was the leader) he loved to fuck me up
my ass while his old lady watched us and fucked or sucked off
Chad." Alex closed her eyes and shook her head as she recalled.
"God, how that fat, hairy fucker loved to grip my small hips and
shoot his load up into my little rectum!"
In total awe I said, "This was a cycle gang? It's a wonder they
ever had time to ride their bikes!"
Alex laughed. "Yeah! No shit!"
"But what does this have to do with Stephanie?"
Alex stooped and put out her cigarette and then she stood up and
walked over to the closet.
"Steffie?" she called.
I stared at her for a moment and then saw the louvered closet
door slowly open.
Stephanie was standing inside, wearing a white t-shirt and black
shorts. She had a very embarrassed look on her face and, as she
saw me staring at her, she dropped her gaze to the floor. It was
obvious that she had seen me and Alex and what we had done.
"Come on out now, hon," Alex said, taking her by the arm and
pulling her into the room. "I did my part, now I want you to do
yours like you said you would."
Alex brought Stephanie to the bed and sat her down next to me.
I draped my arm over my lap to cover my hard cock and smiled at
her but she just looked down at her knees.
"Don't worry about your pecker," Alex said as she stood in front
of her sister, "she doesn't want to see it, do you?"
Stephanie looked up at Alex with a pained expression on her face.
"Alex, I don't know if I can do this..."
"OH no!" Alex stated, putting her hands on her sister's
shoulders. "We talked this all out and you promised that you would
try this once for me!"
Alex took Stephanie's hand and held it to the grey-blond patch
between her legs.
I saw Stephanie stare at her sister's pretty bush as she began
to slowly rub her hand against Alex's pussy.
"That's it," Alex said to her. "You know how to do it. You've
always known how to please me."
Stephanie pulled her hand away and shook her head. "I can't,
Alex took her hand and put it back at her pussy. "Yes you CAN,
sweetheart. You HAVE to. You PROMISED me!"
I watched now as Stephanie turned her hand so that she could push
a manicured finger carefully up into her sister's wet vagina.
Alex gasped. "Yes, Steph! That's it! That feels good!" She
spread her legs a little more and hunched her pussy against her
younger sister's hand. "Feel my wet pussy, baby?"
Stephanie nodded next to me.
"Is it warm and tight?"
"Uh huh."
"You love it don't you, Steph?"
"Uh huh."
"Tell me Steffie. Tell me and Andy what you love. What you
"Pussy," Stephanie whispered as she stared, wide eyed, at her
sister's bush.
"Pussy," she repeated in a quaking voice.
"I love PUSSY, Alex! You KNOW I do!"
I started to speak but saw Alex put her finger to her lips in a
signal for me to be quiet. "See, Andy. Stephanie has as much of
an urge for sex as you and I do. The only thing is, it's her own
sex she has cravings for. Me and her have been going for each
other's pussies since she was eleven. I think I spoiled her. Me
and that asshole father of ours."
Alex saw the look of curiosity flash across my face.
"Yeah. He used to get drunk and try to feel one or the other of
us up. He forced his hand into my pants and tried to make me blow
him one night. That was when I moved out with Chad. Stephen knew
about it. He caught the old man trying to get into Steffie's bed
one night and he hit the old bastard over the head with a beer
bottle. The dirty fucker didn't know what hit him and he couldn't
remember it the next day. Mom found out and divorced him right
after that. He never got to fuck either of us. We were horny as
hell in those days too but we had each other, right Steph?"
Stephanie, fucking her sister's pussy with her finger and rubbing
her clit with her thumb, nodded and said, "Yes."
"Ohhh!" Alex cooed. "You do that so good! You're going to make
me cum."
Stephanie licked her lips now and leaned forward and started to
finger fuck Alex harder.
"No," Alex said to her, putting her thighs together and trying
to pull her sister's hand from her pussy. "Not that way. I want
to show Andy how I feed it to you."
Stephanie withdrew her hand from Alex and put it over her mouth.
"No," she said behind her fingers. "I can't. Not in front of
Alex put her hands on Stephanie's shoulders and said, "Yes. I
NEED it. YOU need it. You're going to go through with this. It's
for me and it's for your own good!"
Then she pushed Stephanie slowly back until she was laying on the
bed with her legs over the edge and her feet on the floor.
Alex motioned for me to get up and I stood and turned, watching
as Alex crawled over her little sister and turned around to face
me. Both her knees were at Stephanie's shoulders now and I could
see a strange look of lust on the younger girl as she looked up at
Alex's ass and pussy, just above her face.
Alex smiled at me and started to spread her knees apart and lower
her crotch until I saw it come to rest just over Stephanie's
luscious mouth. I couldn't believe it when Stephanie's tongue came
out and I saw her start to lap at her older sister's pussy. I
could plainly see her open mouth and her pink tongue working in and
out of Alex's wet sex notch.
"Ohhhh!" Alex moaned as she tilted her head back. "Ohh that
feels so good! Lick it, Steffie! Lick your sister's burning
Stephanie's arms came up and wrapped around her sister's thighs,
holding her to her face as she began to loudly lick and slurp the
excited nectar that I could see clinging in clear, thick strings
between Alex's pussy and Stephanie's tongue.
Alex's eyes were closed as she squeezed her own, naked tits and
gasped in pleasure. Then she bent forward, resting herself on one
outstretched arm as she pushed her other hand into Stephanie's
black shorts. I could see it burrow until her hand was at her
little sister's crotch and I saw Stephanie open her legs to give
her access.
"Ohhh, Steffie! You're soaking wet in there!" Alex said as I
watched the movement of her hand at Stephanie's crotch but she was
looking at me and smiling slyly.
She pulled her hand from her sister's pants and then put her
finger to her nose to smell it. Then she held her wet finger out
toward me and I took the cue and leaned to her and sniffed
Stephanie's sharp pussy smell from it.
It was ambrosia!
Alex smiled wider and then pushed her finger into my mouth.
Stephanie's slimy pussy juice was as sweet tasting as honey and I
sucked it from her finger greedily.
Alex sat back upright, churning her pussy over her sister's face
and then she pulled the bottom of Stephanie's t-shirt up until her
thin waist and both of her breasts were exposed. Laying on her
back, Stephanie's breasts were flatter and smaller than Alex's but
her nipples were identical to her older sister's. Alex rubbed her
sister's breasts for a moment, teasing her nipples. I watched them
stiffen as Alex tweaked them. Then she took a firm hold of
Stephanie's pale, white tits and squeezed them.
I heard Stephanie moan as she continued to lick her older
sister's dripping pussy, the sound muffled in the soft fur of
Alex's churning crotch.
"Pull her pants off," Alex suddenly said to me.
It was a command.
I stared at Stephanie's breasts and parted legs for a moment,
unable to move.
"Do it!"
I moved between Stephanie's knees and reached down and took hold
of her shorts by the waistband. Her skin was warm and soft on my
"Go on, Stud!"
I pulled them down her thighs and over her knees and then let
them fall down her shins to her feet.
Stephanie was wearing white, cotton, bikini panties with little
yellow stripes on them. I could see the darker jut of her pussy
under the light material.
"Take them off too!"
I took hold of the elastic waist of her panties and pulled them
slowly down, gasping noticeably as Stephanie's pussy mound came
into view. Her hair was the same grey-blond color as Alex's but
the younger girl's patch was much smaller, just covering her pubic
bone and below. It was every bit as pretty as I thought it would
be and I kept my eyes glued to it as I pulled her panties down her
shapely legs and off of her.
Alex reached down and placed her fingers on either side of
Stephanie's pussy and then she separated her sister's lips for me.
My breath caught in my throat as I stared at Stephanie's lovely,
open pussy. The pink bulge of the sheath that covered her clitoris
was glistening wet and Alex pushed one finger slowly into the
younger girl's vaginal opening.
I heard Stephanie moan into Alex's pussy and I watched as she
spread her thighs wider. I could see her toes curl on the carpeted
Alex began to rub her hand over Stephanie's pussy now, gently but
firmly masturbating the girl.
I knew that Stephanie was responding to Alex with her tongue
because Alex tiled her head back in ecstacy and said, "Ohh God!
Yeah! That's the way! That's it. Just like that, right into my
hole, baby! Ohh! Are you ready, Steph? Are you? Ohhh, you're
so wet now!"
I heard Stephanie gasp into her sister's muff and then Alex
looked at me and took her hand from the younger girl's pussy,
crooking her finger for me to approach the bed.
"Alright, Andy," she said. "Is that nasty boy cock of yours
By the way it was standing, straight up and rigid, that was a
superfluous question but I nodded.
"I want you to kneel down between Steffie's legs and fuck her for
"You mean it?"
"She needs it, Andy. I want her to know what a cock feels like
inside her. I've pushed dildos and hair brush handles up there
before but I want her to feel a real cock and I want you to fuck
her good but be gentle in there."
"Yeah," I said, moving quickly to the side of the bed and
dropping to my knees between Stephanie's sexy, shapely legs.
"Carefully," Alex warned as I clutched my cock and looked down
at Stephanie's delicious, open pussy. "I want her to like it,
I nodded, looking up Stephanie's reclining, exposed, curvy body,
past her breasts to where I could see her chin and her mouth
working in Alex's sex notch.
My cock throbbed almost painfully as I clutched it and steered
it toward Stephanie's succulent opening.
Alex reached down and spread her sister's inner lips for me,
opening her moist-looking, pink vagina.
"Push it into her, Stud. Go on! I want to see you fuck her."
The tip of my rigid rod made contact and I could feel Stephanie's
warm hole kiss my cock-head wetly.
I gasped.
Alex grabbed by hard dick and rubbed it up and down in her
sister's slick, feminine groove.
"Feel that, Steph? That's his cock, baby. Isn't it soft and
"Mmmmm," the girl said into Alex's crotch.
I could feel Alex push the head against Stephanie's hot hole
again and I pushed now, watching as the head sank into her body.
The sensations were strongly thrilling.
"That's it! Push it in, Stud. All the way in!"
I put my hands on the mattress, on either side of Stephanie's
round hips, and my knees lifted from the carpet as I got into
position to push my cock fully into a girl's pussy for the very
first time.
Alex was directly in front of me, riding Stephanie's face, and
I looked at her expression of encouragement for a moment and then
closed my eyes and pressed my burning cock into that lovely,
feminine body until I felt her pussy bone against the base of my
shaft and my balls on her warm ass cheeks.
"He's inside you baby! Feel it? Doesn't that feel good?"
Stephanie moaned and I could feel the vibrations with my
sensitive cock.
"Fuck her," Alex whispered and then I felt her place her hands
on my face and her mouth pressed to mine.
I kissed Alex urgently as I began to churn my cock into her
sister. The sensations were overwhelming and I didn't help myself
calm down any as I used my hands to explore the lovely warm curves
of both girls while I fucked the one and lewdly kissed the other,
rubbing Alex's right and Stephanie's left breast now.
"Yeah," Alex said into my face. "Ohhh! Fuck her, Andy! Suck
me, Steffie! Ohhh!"
I looked down at Stephanie's wasp-thin waist and then down at the
curve of her hips, knowing that my cock was now deep in the girl's
sexual organs between that wide area of her lower body. To my
surprise, I could actually see the skin of her flat, lower stomach
swell, just above her pussy patch, each time I thrust my cock into
I fucked harder.
Alex, with a crazed expression on her face, pushed my upper body
back and then I watched as she bent over so that her face was
tilted at the juncture of my cock and her sister's pussy.
I watched her head move and heard Stephanie gasp before I
realized what Alex was doing. The sensation of something else,
hot and soft and wet, at the base of my buried shaft, conveyed to
me that Alex was now licking her sister's clit while I fucked her.
Stephanie lifted her feet from the floor and raised her knees
now. I could feel her beginning to churn her pussy back at me as
I looked down at the alluring curves of Alex's sweaty, naked back.
Stephanie's arms were wrapped around her sister's wide hips and
I could see Alex's lower body churning as she worked her pussy in
Stephanie's face.
Stephanie suddenly cried out and I felt her pussy clamp on my
cock tightly and her legs dropped back toward the floor. The
pulsing sensation as her pussy clutched my cock told me that
Stephanie was having an orgasm. She was cumming on my cock!
I could hear Stephanie moaning loudly and slurping at Alex's
pussy as she came rigidly from my fucking and her sister's licking.
Then Alex sat upright again and stared right into my face.
"Pinch my nipples, Andy!"
I did, squeezing them hard between my fingers and thumbs.
"Harder, fucker!"
I did.
"I'm going to fucking cum! Now! Right into Steffie's fucking
face! God!"
Alex moved forward, shoving her tongue into my mouth and sucking
I could taste Stephanie's pussy, in her sister's mouth, as I
began to fuck faster, feeling my own orgasm about to erupt.
Alex screamed into my face through her nose and it almost hurt
the way her mouth sucked at mine now. I tried to keep up with her
thrusting tongue and I pinched her supple nipples even harder as
I sensed her body lock in orgasm.
I screamed into HER face now and her head snapped back and her
eyes blazed at mine as she yelled, "Cum in her! Shoot your fucking
sperm into my baby sister! Do it, fucker! Cum!"
I could feel my cock swell and lurch as I began to shoot my load
deep into Stephanie's tight belly. I held her hips and started
thrusting wildly as I looked into Alex's wild, lust crazy face in
front of me.
"Feel it, Steffie?" Alex yelled. "Feel him cuming in you?"
"Yes! Ohhh yes!"
"That's his hot sperm, baby! You made him do that! Take it in,
baby doll! Take his cum into you!"
I fucked about eight more strokes, feeling myself shooting sperm
with each forward thrust.
It was the orgasm of a lifetime.
When I was spent, I rested my head on Alex's shoulder for a
moment, feeling her drape an arm around my neck as all three of us
panted together.
Then Alex said, "Alright now. I want you to pull your cock out
of her slowly, Andy."
I looked at her face, still glazed with lust, and said,
"Steffie," she said as she raised her lower torso off her
sister's face.
"Do what I told you now. Place your finger over your hole when
he pulls it out."
"Was it good, baby? Did you like his cock?"
"It was alright." I heard her say as I slowly pulled my
shrinking shaft from her soft, wet hole.
I looked down and, as the tip of my dick left her body,
Stephanie's hand covered her pussy and I watched her push a dainty
finger into her vagina.
I stood up and stepped back as I watched Alex scamper off of her
sister and lay on her back.
Stephanie sat up and stood, still holding her pussy and then she
got back on the bed and crawled over Alex so that she was now
facing me and kneeling over her sister's face and looking down.
"Alright baby," Alex said as she looked up at Stephanie's, hand
covered, pussy, "give it to me."
Stephanie spread her knees and lowered her pussy to Alex's face
and then she took her hand away and I watched, slack jawed, as a
white gob of my sperm dripped slowly from the pink, inner lips,
surrounding her hole, and dropped directly into Alex's open mouth.
I could see it slide down her tongue and disappear into her mouth
as another string of thick cum followed it.
Alex closed her mouth to swallow as a third pearly glop appeared
from Stephanie's vagina and she opened her mouth just in time to
catch it and the long, clear, slimy string that followed it.
Then she put her arms around her young sister's curvy hips and
pulled her down so that her pussy lips were spread over her mouth.
I could hear Alex loudly licking and sucking the rest of the male
and female cum from her sister's pussy and Stephanie loudly gasping
in pleasure as I turned and walked from the room, looking for my

My shoes and pants and shirt were on the living room floor, in
front of the sofa.
I had to step over little Carrie, who was still sleeping soundly,
and I picked up my shirt and started to put it on when I heard the
front door open and spun quickly to see Stephen walking in.
He stopped in the doorway and started at me as I stood there
naked with my limp dick wagging in front of me. Glancing down at
it, I noticed the mixture of my and Stephanie's cum had dried on
it and formed a filmy crust.
"What the fuck are you doing?" Stephen shouted.
I just stared at him.
There was motion in the hallway and both of us turned our heads
to see Stephanie, standing there and holding her hand over her
crotch and draping her other arm over her naked breasts.
"Oh shit!" she gasped, wide eyed.
Stephen then took three steps forward and, as I looked to him,
his fist hit the left side of my head, causing me to fall backward
and crash over the end table and the lamp.
I was kind of out of it after that but I sensed that Alex had
come running into the livingroom and that Carrie was crying on the
floor next to me.
"What the fuck is going on here?" I heard Stephen yell and then
I was out of it altogether.

When I came to, I was still on the livingroom floor but I had my
clothes on.
That was odd.
I sat up, feeling the knot on the side of my head and then
rubbing it. It throbbed painfully.
"Hurts, don't it?"
I looked up and Alex was sitting on the couch with Carrie. She
was smoking a Winston and wearing her beautician uniform again.
"What happened?" I stammered.
Alex got up and set Carrie on the carpet and then she helped me
up and sat me on the sofa.
"Stevie clipped you a good one," she said as she sat down beside
The memory came flooding back. "Oh yeah," I said as I rubbed my
head again. "Where is he? Is he still mad?"
Alex smiled at me. "No. I think he'll forgive you."
"What happened to him? Where did he go?"
Alex put her finger over her lips and said, "Shhhh! I had a talk
with my brother. A long talk about him and Steffie and how he's
been treating her."
"What do you mean?"
"Andy, when we were kids, Stephen and Stephanie were always
together. Wherever you found one, you'd find the other. That was
the way it was till the time he was thirteen and she was twelve.
It's only been since then, when they went through puberty, that
they started fighting and arguing all the time."
"Yeah," I said. "They sure do! I always wondered why."
"I knew why," she said. "I just got finished explaining it to
the both of them."
I shrugged. "Well, what was the problem?"
"Stephen couldn't handle having hormones and a little sister who
suddenly looked like hot buttered sex!"
"Stephen's problem was that, as much as he pushed it from his
mind, he wanted to fuck Steffie so bad he could taste it. Of
course, being a good brother, and knowing that fucking your sister
is forbidden, he made himself grow to outwardly hate her so that
he wouldn't be tempted. I think a lot of brothers do that.
Stephen's behavior puzzled and hurt poor little Steffie but she
just dealt with it by fighting back with him."
As odd as what Alex just said was, it seemed to make perfect
Alex continued, "Stephen, though he fought with Steffie, still
loved her as much as any brother would. He couldn't deny that.
That's why he protected her from Dad and got really pissed off when
you began to show an interest in her."
"Yeah," I said, "he did act funny about it."
"Stephanie and Stephen might have worked this out on their own
but Steffie thought she was gay and didn't want to deal with males.
That was my fault-- fooling around with her all these years. I
knew that she was just like me but I couldn't think of any way to
make her face the reality of her sexuality until she told me about
watching you jack off in her panties." Alex laughed. "She
admitted to me that watching you made her horny but she was puzzled
by it. I decided that this was my opportunity to make her realize
that she loved cock as much as pussy and I convinced her to let me
go get you and have her hide in the closet again so that she'd get
horny and overcome her fear."
I had to chuckle at Alex's ingenuity. "I guess it worked," I
"Well, what happened here today brought EVERYTHING to a head and
now I think Stevie and Stephanie are going to go back to getting
along and behaving like a loving brother and sister again, thanks
to you."
I laughed. "I don't think so, Alex. Not the way he fights with
Alex smiled and stood up. She took me by the hand and led me
down the hall to Stephen's room. Turning back to me at the door,
she put her finger to her lips.
I watched as she silently turned the door knob and then carefully
opened the door a little for me.
I looked into Stephen's room and my heart began to pound in my
chest as I saw the two of them on his bed.
Stephanie was on her back and Stephen was laying on top of her.
Their arms were around one another and, looking down, I could see
his naked ass churning between her sexy, open legs as he lovingly
fucked her. Their eyes were closed and their faces and lips were
meshed together as the two of them panted and kissed to the sound
of the squeaking bed springs.
Alex put her hand on my shoulder and I looked at her face as she
flashed that sly grin at me and then soundlessly pulled the bedroom
door closed.
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