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Step sisters
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Panty "BRONZE"

Joined: Sep 23, 2015
Posts: 3
Location: Jacksonville

PostPosted: Wed Apr 13, 2016 5:00 pm    Post subject: Step sisters Reply with quote

So there I was , 1970's a boy almost at puberty that had grown up to this point as an only child, then it happened, it seemed like my world was ending and in a way, it was ending, at least as I knew it, my parents divorced.
I soon found out my father had been having an affair with a family friend and before long He, she and her two daughters moved in together and quite quickly married. Suddenly I had a very attractive red headed stepmom Lynne, and yes, she had a fire bush, I will get into how I found out later in the story, And I also had two stepsisters, Kim, a year younger than I and Karen a few years younger.
My father would have me on weekends and my fun family times soon began. Often I would see them in their underwear, not sexy revealing stuff but underwear just the same and I would imagine what they looked like naked. I often had erections but as of yet had not learned about masturbating or at least not experienced the full joy of it, I had played with myself obviously and gotten hard but that was it, then it happened, we were home with the sitter one night and talked her into letting us watch clockwork orange, she was not sure it we should and then there was the scene on the bus or train where the guys in the movie sniffed a girls underwear, we had to switch the channel but that scene was burned into my mind.
I went to bed and could not stop thinking about it, eventually my father and Lynn, my stepmom got home, the sitter went home across the road and before long the house was quiet as everyone slept everyone but me. When enough time went by and I was sure everyone was sound asleep I got up and quietly went downstairs to the laundry room, slowly opened the hamper and began to rummage through it, then, another life changing moment, I found a pair of my stepsisters panties, I could tell by the larger size they were Kims. I held them, rubbed them and then feeling a little weird but excited I put them to my face and that fast I was hard, I made sure to specifically put the crotch to my nose and inhaled deeply then looking close I noticed a very slight dry substance, I licked it and then the aroma intensified. I found another pair of panties in the hamper, These were lynns, an orange satin pair that felt so silky I knew I had to feel them closer to me, I pulled my pajama bottoms down, sniffed Kims panties and began to rub my hard little cock with my stepmothers panties, I felt like I had never felt before, it was almost like a strong tickle but more pleasurable, I kept going and then it happened, my first orgasm. I do not know if I ejaculated anything or not but I would never forget the feeling but almost instantly I felt weird for doing this, guilty for it, I put the panties away and went up to bed. . ...To Be Continued
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Joined: Apr 26, 2015
Posts: 2253
Location: ohio

PostPosted: Thu Apr 14, 2016 11:13 am    Post subject: Re: Step sisters Reply with quote

loved your story cant wait to hear the rest.
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